2019 China Great Wall International Foto Week kicks off in Beijing

Beijing, Aug 9 (Xinhua/APP):The 2019 China Great Wall International Foto Week kicked off Friday in Beijing, with more than 1,500 large photos from over 300 photographers to be displayed for the public over the next month, according to authorities.

The photographic works are exhibited along a 1.6-km-long road at the Badaling section of the Great Wall, located in Beijing’s Yanqing District.

Tourists can not only enjoy the grand view of the Great Wall, but take a glimpse of the history and culture of the Great Wall as well.

There are seven themed exhibitions in total, with one featuring views of the Great Wall from 1850 to 1949, through works from museums, galleries, libraries and collectors, from home and abroad.

The Great Wall-themed works from nearly 100 Chinese and foreign photographers are assembled in another exhibition, where visitors are given an opportunity to feel the different concepts of photography and their creative masterpieces.

Interactive activities are also organized to invite citizens to submit their own photos and tell their own stories about the Great Wall.

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