Watch: 2,294 Pound Pumpkin Sets New World Record

A man has set the new world record for growing the heaviest pumpkin of 2,294 pounds at the Topsfield Fair.

According to details, Alex Noel’s pumpkin set a new world record at 2,294 pounds. He also won the prize of $8,000 for growing a world largest pumpkin, weighs over 2,000 pounds. While sharing his emotions, Noel said “It’s a great feeling, my dream finally comes true,” He further stated that he can sleep better tonight.

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One of the participant at the New England Giant Pumpkin weigh-off competition has revealed that the secret to growing a large pumpkin is the daily nurturing and seeds.

Reportedly, before this pumpkin, heaviest pumpkin was grown in Belgium in 2016 that weighed 2,624 pounds.

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