3 injured after an Indian fighter jet crashes

Lahore, 28th March: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is in shock after another fighter jet gets crashed.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, a trainee plane of the IAF crashed due to a technical fault.

According to the latest reports, three pilots got injured as a result of the crash.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, the plane crashed in Gandhinagar area of ​​Bhopal city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, which crashed in a village near Aerosti due to some technical fault.

Police say the plane crashed in a field, causing no casualties, and all three pilots were taken to hospital with injuries.

According to media sources, the plane had suffered a technical malfunction shortly after take-off, after which the plane lost control and crashed in the fields. The plane crash had spread panic among the people.

It is learned that the plane was deployed by the Government of India in a survey and was being flown by Captain Ashwini Sharma, along with Sami and Raj.

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