4th batch of China Red Cross foreign aid medical teams leaves for Pakistan

BEIJING, Sep 22 (APP):The fourth batch of Chinese Red Cross foreign aid medical teams has left for Pakistan to conduct a six-month humanitarian medical assistance service in Gwadar.

The team including medical experts, nurses and staff for laboratory, internal medicine was organized by Hushan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and Beijing 999 Emergency Center.

The fourth batch of medical teams sent this time will replace the third batch of medical teams and begin a six-month medical service, according to official sources on Sunday.

The batch of foreign aid medical teams consists of five people from Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Beijing Red Cross Society 999 Emergency Center and Hubei Red Cross Society.
The China Red Cross Society and the National Health and Health Commission jointly held a
pre-emptive mobilization meeting for the medical team.

Ding Yang, researcher from the International Division of the National Health and Health Commission, and Ren Hao, director of the China Red Cross Society, and the China Red Cross Foundation Vice President Liu Xuanguo and other symposiums attended the mobilization meeting and expressed their enthusiasm for the team members.

Hai Liman, Director of the Bilateral Division of the Liaison Department of the China Red Cross Society, led the fourth batch of China Red Cross foreign aid medical teams to Pakistan to guide the handover of the third and fourth batches of medical teams, and to discuss with the Pakistan Red Crescent.
The follow-up work of the medical team was carried out.

The China Red Cross Society and China Red Cross Foundation established a fund in February 2017 under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to jointly launch an international humanitarian assistance.
The fund’s first public welfare project, the China-Pakistan Emergency Medical Center was completed in Gwadar Port, in Pakistan.

The steel structure and medical equipment of the center are donated by Chinese enterprises.
The medical personnel are selected by the Chinese Red Cross Society and the National Health Committee from the doctors of the cooperative hospital.

In September 2017, 12 medical staff from the first medical team provided half-year medical service to Pakistani residents and staff of Chinese-funded institutions in at Gwadar Port.

In May 2017, nine medical staff from the second batch of medical teams took over the first medical teams to perform medical services in Gwadar Port. On January 16, this year, the third batch of medical teams began to perform foreign aid medical tasks.

As of August 15 this year, the three batches of medical teams received 4,280 patients, including 3.087 Pakistanis and 1,193 Chinese.

The medical teams also conducted free medical examinations for the primary school students and staff of the Gwadar Port Authority, the staff of port and employees of the Chinese funded enterprises and held more than 10 times of large-scale medical consultations and medical insurance for the conference, winning local praise.

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