5th Generation Warfare, social media and propaganda

Nowadays, the 5th Generation war is a term we constantly hear on Pakistan television and media. From the 1st Generation to the war, everyone is using Propaganda. The only difference is that the method of propaganda is complicated and they are using social media for the same purpose.

Now we talk about Pakistani media:

They are showing Indian channels that affect our cultures. They are showing movies where Muslims are terrorists and these movies are spreading all over the world and unfortunately in our Muslim countries, including Pakistan.

Here are some of the ones I highlight:

They said that the formation of Pakistan was wrong. Secondly, they said that our language is the same, our culture is the same, so why are we imposing. These are just a few of the things that spread from India to Pakistan.

Now let’s talk about the difficulties for the Muslim Ummah around the world. American media (BBC, CBC, NBS), etc. They are all showing the ugly side of the Muslim Ummah. They are killing 50% of the Muslims there by force (for example, they are killing innocent people in Kashmir, Shama, Burma), and up to 50% they are using social media to mislead the Muslims Ummah. Making such movies to do so. Through their religion, culture, and the values ​​they are portraying there as negative, they always become Muslim terrorists, no matter how happy they are, they always blame Muslims, (the 9/11 incident).

Is an open example of, what has he done with Dr. Aafia Siddique.

Any reason is always an open example. There the media blames Muslims 24/7 so that the world becomes chaotic. It is very disappointing to me that despite all the searches and evidence that we are doing the politics of our state with them, our politics, our environment is becoming more and more terrible.

They make video games that our teenagers are being tortured day by day, they are wasting time on games and cell phones, the dark web is mostly seen by Muslims in the so-called Netflix Pakistan (Netflix is ​​an app where 18+ movies are easily available) and other Muslim countries have succeeded in their missions. Which is a great shame for us that we can do for Muslims what we cannot do against them. We are praising them. Sacrifice gives life to us there and we are largely ignoring them. They make us not only April Fools but fools every day & enjoying.

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