70% of Rajanpur people are drinking sewerage water


Rajanpur (19th Oct, 2019): At least 0.7 million people in Rajanpur have no access to clean drinking water.

A warer test, which was happened two months ago, open the eyes of everyone that the city’s underground water is getting mixed with contaminated sewerage water.

Dr Imran Qamar, the in-charge of lab said that even floodwater gets mixed with this contaminated water.

The city’s main filtration plants has broken down making the lives of people more difficult and putting their health in danger.

“Our inefficient sewerage system is a big reason for the pollution of water,” the doctor claimed.

People from that south area of Punjab claimed that there’s no water in the Dajal Canal and the water underground in undrinkable for humans.

“The water we consume is from nearby ponds and it is contaminated as well. This water exposes us to several diseases,” a residential person said.

“Water is a basic need. It is a matter of life and death,” a local said.

In Pachad Towns, there is a shortage of clean water and people have no other option than to drink water from contaminated ponds, they claimed.

According to Doctor Qamar, this result into different diseases such as muscle slacking, nausea, diarrhea, skin cancer, weak joints, dental floss, and other abnormal diseases.

Locals have demanded the authorities to install water schemes and filtration plants that will give them access to clean drinking water.

Water schemes for the provision of clean water in the city have failed to reap results, said Deputy Commissioner Rana Asif. “Orders to restore these schemes have been passed and other actions are being taken to provide safe water to locals,” he added.

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