75-year-old man files nomination for 94th election of his life

India: A 75-year-old ex-revenue staff is all set to contest his 94th election, as he filed his nomination on Friday for the Uttar Pradesh assembly polls.

Hasnuram Ambedkari, a former revenue department clerk, has already contested and lost 93 elections since 1985, the year he first entered the electoral fray.

Mr Ambedkari told news agency PTI that in 1985 he quit his job as an ‘Amin’ in the district administration after he was promised a ticket from Fatehpur Sikri seat.

But when the time came, the party refused to honour its end of the bargain and instead made fun of him, he said.

“As I left my job, the party refused to give me the ticket and mocked me saying I would not be able to get a single vote in the election,” he said.

“After that I determined to contest the election independently to send them a message. I contested my first election from Fatehpur Sikri for the state assembly in the year 1985,” he said, adding with pride that he came “third”.

“And since then I have been contesting every election despite knowing that I would lose. I have contested and lost 93 elections,” he added.