9 Security Force Members Killed

At least nine members of the Afghan security forces were killed in Taliban attacks in Uruzgan and Baghlan provinces as the fighting continues in many parts of the country despite ongoing peace efforts.

The fighting in Baghlan took place on the Kabul-Baghlan highway and the Baghlan-Samangan highway, both in Kelagai area, Doshi district close to an army base and a special unit of police, according to the provincial police.

A security source from Baghlan said that four policemen were killed and four others were wounded in the Taliban attacks that took place on Friday night. Baghlan police confirmed two deaths and three were wounded.

The source said the forces under attack called for help multiple times from the center but they were not helped, “even in transferring the bodies.”

Local officials did not comment on this.

Multiple clashes in Baghlan have occurred– especially in Doshi district–the past month.

In another Taliban attack in Uruzgan, in the south of Afghanistan, five security force members were killed and five were wounded, according to the provincial governor’s spokesman Zelgai Ebadi.

The attack, Ebadi said, happened on the outskirts of Tarinkot city, the center of Uruzgan, on Friday night.

The attack comes as the Afghan government started the release of 400 high-value Taliban prisoners whose release was approved by last week’s Loya Jirga, the grand council of Afghan elders.

President Ashraf Ghani has called the release of the prisoners “dangerous” but “necessary” to move the peace process forward.