A British YouTuber shares his journey from Atheism to Islam


4th September: British YouTuber J. George William Palfrey aka J. Palfrey has converted to Islam recently.

The news broke the internet when Palfrey shared his experience and what lead him to embrace Islam in a video titled “I became a Muslim.”

Popular British YouTube content creator J. Palfrey shared in a video titled ‘I Became a Muslim’ his experience researching about Islam, and his eventual conversion to becoming a Muslim.

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The vlogger admitted that initially he didn’t intend on sharing his story, but changed his mind upon discovering just how many people gained peace and inspiration from his journey by embarking on a religious quest of their own.

“I was originally not going to share this with you, but a lot of people have found peace and inspiration in my journey through researching Islam,” said Palfrey in the video.

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The Youtuber praised Islam by saying:

“It is important for me to bring the message of Islam to all, which is the message of oneness, love, and peace.”

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Palfrey thanked all the fans for their support. He said that he keeps receiving wishes and prayers from his fans around the globe.

Palfrey, who was an Atheist has converted to Islam after he had found a deep path for spiritual discovery. Palfrey used to travel the different Muslim countries after which his curiosity about Islam began.


He went to Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and many other Muslim countries. Subsequently, he took the declaration of faith in Suleymania Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

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He was born in a small village in England where the influence of Islam has a negative impact on people. After 9/11 when people started blaming Muslims as terrorists, Palfrey started studying Islam.

While living in Muslim countries he became more connected to his spirituality.

Despite knowing that he will face criticism after his announcement, he has been steadfast in his belief. And surprisingly he had received positive feedback from his fans and followers.

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