A Machine Gun Fired for not Giving a Cigarette

Riyadh: A young Saudi man went to a general store in broad daylight with weapons and kept asking for a pack of cigarettes from the shopkeeper in the presence of Pakistani customers there.

According to the details, a young Saudi man got angry and fired at the shopkeeper for not giving him a cigarette. After the video of the incident went viral on social media, the police arrested the accused.

According to Saudi media, the incident took place in the assembly area when a young man entered the general store, holding a machine gun in his hand. Two or three Pakistani customers were also present in the shop on the occasion.

The young man demanded a cigarette from the shopkeeper for a long time. When the shopkeeper did not pay any attention to him, he suddenly fired a machine gun in his hand.

The shopkeeper backed away in fear, while other Pakistani customers in the shop also backed away several feet suddenly.

Frightened, the shopkeeper handed the young man a pack of cigarettes, after which he left without paying. Riyadh police spokesman Col. Shakir al-Twaijri said the Saudi youth who opened fire had been arrested.

In another incident, a robbery took place with a Pakistani immigrant living in Riyadh during which robbers armed with a sharp instrument broke into the residence of a Pakistani citizen and snatched him and threatened to kill him. They looted the remaining 12,000 riyals and fled.

The incident took place in Riyadh’s Al-Wazarat area a few days ago, but Riyadh police have arrested the robber gang that carried out the incident. According to sources, the gang consists of five people, including three Saudi nationals and two from Yemen.

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