A Man of all Seasons

Not duplicitious like many very irenic in his political attitudes. That is why Ch. Shujaat is now being considered as some body who could patch things up between the government and the combined opposing forces.

The recent visit of Kh. Asif to Shujaat, the pmln hawk is also seen as quite consequential. It comes at a time when their own political survival these days is too vulnerable and on the knifes edge. After we saw Mian sahib with his gloves on lambasting the military and it’s bosses.

The political future of the party is hanging by the thread clearly it seems.

The political journey has been very tumultuous but, the closeness is paving way for warming up of relations between the nawaz clan and the Ch. family. AGAIN, what would this lead to, has still to be seen. There has been a wide gulf between them and the nawaz family since the ouster of Nawaz Sharif and accession of Musharaf to the power in late nineties. The relationship remained frosty until now. Soon after President Alvi paid a visit to Shujaat as he remained hospitalized because of his debilitating health followed by Imran Khan. Surely the Shujaat family is being viewed as power wielders. Imran Khan is also cozying up.

The longevity and political future of the Chaudhries very much depends on their own comfort level. Who will they find suitabile enough to associate themselves with, is only a matter of time.

The sword of Damocles is hanging on one of the the scions making the political dynamics very dramatic and unsettling. The outcome of which will be crucially strategic for the chaudhries. They may have to weigh their options then. Every body does. I think we need to do the same. It sends shivers down your body. The passing away of the respected Shamim Akhtar sahiba will surely heal old wounds and fill schisms. I prevail elahis and shujaat both eulogize Mian sahib’s mothers demise with heart felt condolences.

Mian nawaz Sharif’s presence at the demise of Begum Zahoor Elahi late was the first step towards forgetting past rivalries, but all in all the Chaudhry family is beginning to reap the dividends of Shujaat’s unerring political stewardship if I may say so.

He may be equaled with Malik Meraj Khalid, a humane prime minister in his time. Every ounce a public man with no idiosyncrasies. It might take a while to extoll Shujaat’s virtues but he is surely seen as the last of the caring souls of his generation. May Allah give him long health.

Born to Ch. Zahoor Elahi whom he may have seen rehearse and deliver speeches along the way, thus a political baptism inarguably. The greatness of the great is seen in their actions, they live by their deeds and not years.

Remember the best of the best have come and gone. Served humanity with unwavering faith. Nevertheless we see that the grave is full of indispensibiles. What choice does that leave us with. Only those who care and love and help their fellow beings are immortalized in their death.

We must make amends before it’s too late. An air of congeniality is thus required at the country level, let alone at districts.

We lost two great personalities from Gujrat lately, Ch. Ahmed Saeed and Ch Ahmed Mukhtar.

While we are alive we go on fighting without really caring for people on the other side of the fence, and often times it is too late, with no time for reparations.

Faults we all comit. Life itself is hot bed of trials and tribulations. Nothing is irredeemably flawed. If we put our hand to the wheel and little effort in providing comfort to all that we are surrounded by, and could heal wounds by being honest in our attitudes.

It’s time we all worked in unison to help create a better future for the masses that we pledge to serve.

We need air to breathe. Everybody does.
The great will always be remembered regardless of cast creed religion and irrespective of their political affiliations.


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