A press conference at Insaf House on the arrest of PTI workers

KARACHI (February 11): Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh and PTI Karachi President Khurram Sher Zaman addressed a press conference at Insaf House on the arrest of PTI workers, reprisals and withdrawal of security of members. Fiza Zeeshan, Serena Adnan, Mahfooz Arsani and other leaders were present on the occasion. 


Khurram Sher Zaman said that 3.2 million tones of expired wheat have been fed to the people of Sindh by the Sindh government. It is our responsibility to tell the people how the Sindh government and Zardari League are robbing the people of Sindh. The rats that devoured wheat are the rats of Bilawal House. Our workers are being arrested, security has been withdrawn from the opposition leader. We want to point out that if anything happens to any activist or leader, Murad Ali Shah will be responsible.


He further said that Bilawal Zardari is afraid that his party has been wiped out from other provinces and now PPP is going to be wiped out from Sindh very soon. About 7,000 mobile phones were snatched in the last four months. People are being robbed in daylight. There is no one to question what the police officers are doing. Sindh police is being used only for revenge operations. Murad Ali Shah is not the chief minister but incompetent chief who has failed in every field. He is the only Chief Minister with the highest number of corruption references. They have fake bank accounts, fake pensioners’ money, and now cases of fake cars. We appeal to the Chief Justice to take notice of the PPP’s retaliatory actions and the arrests of our workers during the by-elections of PS-88.


Leader of the Opposition in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said in that the Sindh government has come to know that their lamp is about to go out. People all over Sindh saw how my family was targeted last week. Despite having a stay order of the court, we were targeted and taken action which is a total contempt of court. Sindh government is using tactics from its Hawaldar Mushtaq Mehr and DIG East Noman Siddiqui. These are the two officers who harassed witnesses in the fake accounts case and prevented them from making statements against the Omni and Zardari groups. Due to this case, the Supreme Court had removed both the officers from here.


Haleem Adil Sheikh further said that at the request of Noman Siddiqui, our workers were arrested in PS 88 after breaking into their houses If the Chief Minister is so interested, then arrest me first. Last night’s operation proved that the police wanted to capture by-elections while enslaving the Sindh government. Sindh government has also created a force of criminals within the police. They carried out robberies on our farmhouses through a criminal DSP. Sindh government has recruited criminals in the police. We are fully prepared against the corrupt Chief Minister of Sindh. We will take legal action against the deeds of Murad Ali Shah.


He further said that land is being narrowed for PTI workers in Sindh, security is being taken away from our members of parliament including me and they are being put at risk. Everyone knows the record of PPP when Murtaza Bhutto Everyone knows that Abdullah Shah was the Chief Minister of Sindh when he was assassinated. He had taken action through his favorite police officers. I will not write a request to the Sindh government for my security but as an opposition leader and members who have security concerns it is the responsibility of the Sindh government to provide security.