A questionnaire on the recent Afghan conflict

A peace agreement was signed between the Afghan Taliban and the United States in 2020. Wasn’t the Afghan government involved in this agreement?

There has been no fighting between the Afghan Taliban and the United States since the agreement
The Taliban then stepped up operations against the Afghan army and the American silent spectator watched?

Pakistan Navy and Humanitarian Assistance in AJK

The whole world was concerned about this agreement. Especially to the European Union and NATO. Everyone thought that Joe Biden was in the mirror. This agreement will expire. And even before Biden came, he was saying that if I did, the agreement would be revised. But it was not? And then one night US troops leave Afghanistan in the dark of night? And the Afghan army found out two hours later that US troops had left Afghanistan?

The northern areas that the Taliban used to occupy for four years in the past. Today the Taliban captured these areas in two weeks? And then there was a video in which the Taliban seized 700 armored vehicles and a lot of ammunition. And then the US also denies it yes? And suddenly the Afghan defense minister falls ill, arrives in the United States for treatment.

Does school closure give us the power to provide facilities like other countries? 

Then Afghanistan Prime Minister Ashraf Ghani announces a new defense minister?

40% of the salary of the Afghan army is withheld? And the Taliban delegation from the Afghan government in three different countries at the same time.

Turkey, Iran hold talks in Russia. No positive aspects of the talks?

Negotiations continue and the war continues? And the Taliban claim control of 80 percent of Afghanistan. And we are very close to Kabul but there is no intention to capture Kabul??

Government officers’ performance report must relate to resolving public complaints: Prime Minister decides

The question in this scenario is the question???

The answer is no.

We can, if we think we can!

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