A Rhetorical Open Letter on Kashmir to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump,
I’m sure you’re being briefed on this long running tragedy in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

I’m not sure if many understand that we are potentially seeing the start of a human tragedy of massive proportions.

We are seeing the start of a deliberate, brutal and violent ethnic cleansing and complete marginalization of the Muslim community in Indian Occupied Kashmir who are being and will continue to be put in vast concentration camps as were Jews in Nazi Germany.

This will lead to much more violence on all sides with countless innocents killed.

Please understand that it will be near nigh impossible for Pakistan to stop non state actors from jumping into the fray to help their beleagured brethren and kith and kin.

We can expect to see very high levels of violence of all sorts cropping up across not just Kashmir, but across mainland India as well.

And most seriously it could very easily head towards a potential India Pakistan conflict, two highly antagonistic, nuclear armed, bitter foes.

This war will be initiated by Modi who will blame Pakistan for the inevitable severe backlash and violence, which will surely follow.

President Trump, Mr. Modi is an emotionally unstable individual with dreams of the superiority of the Hindu religion which like Hitler he's translated into a superior race.

Haider Mehdi

A concept called HINDUTVA, similar to Hitler’s “Master Race”

All his rhetoric, symbols and actions are uncannily similar to Hitler and like him, Modi has touched a huge angry chord in the Hindu mindset, who have been seething with anger against the Muslims because of 800 years of Muslim rule.

This is very similar to the anger Hitler had drummed up against the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Mr. Modi’s emotional instability manifests in many ways.

He seriously claims that Hindu doctors were plastic surgeons several thousand years ago and that’s how an elephant’s snout was transplanted on Lord Rama’s face!!!!!

Another one. Hindu spaceships went to space thousands of years ago, referring to mythical chariots showing mythical creatures flying across space!!!!

And this is the crazy insane guy at the helm of affairs in India.

President Trump, like Hitler or mad Caligula, Mr. Modi, will wreak tremendous havoc and violence before he's finally put to sleep.

Haider Mehdi

But, like Hitler, he will inflict immense damage, violence, genocide before this, if not stopped now.

President Trump, the International community, especially the USA must act, NOW!

Otherwise there may not be any community on Earth, blown away in a nuclear holocaust!

The answer is simple.

Please help facilitate a resolution based on an open plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir to determine their will as per UN Resolutions and India's own commitment to them.

Haider Mehdi

Thank you very much, President Trump.


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