Aadan audio released that was called out 138 years ago in Masjid al-Haram

Shah Abdul Aziz Academy in Saudi Arabia has released audiences of Aadan audio by Harm Makka Sharif , 138 years ago.According to the Baaghi TV report, Azan Loud speaker is given directly in this era. The audio of released Azan has a sense of  time reaching ancient times.Shah Abdul Azizi Academy has said that recording of Azan in Harm Makka Sharif has 1302 AH 1885, which was recorded by a famous Dutch historian Crystal Snooker Hurland. Shah Abdul Aziz Academy has received this recording from the University of Holland, which is still safe there. This audio recording has been uploaded to Twitter. Along with this, an old picture of Hammam Mikki has also been shown, which is estimated at the time of the construction of the Hurram Sharif.People are seeing deep interest in it when Twitter is uploaded!

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