AAP news MD fired over non-payment of salaries.

Aap News Managing Director got fired over non-payment of salaries to employees for past many months on Saturday.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Managing Director Junaid iqbal of Aap News reported to have been fired over non-payment of salaries to the employees. It has become the normal routine for media houses in Pakistan to prolong the payment of salaries to the employees. Despite several strikes and protests by media workers and call for protests by various press clubs, media-houses have not paid salaries to the employees.

it appears the media-owners have turned deaf to the cries of their employees and it has become a normal practice for media houses. Aap News which was launched last year, is the new entrant to the list of the media-house who are not paying salaries to the employees. Former Managing Director Junaid Iqbal has used the budget of the year in months which resulted in non-payment of salaries. Sarmad Malik has been appointed new Managing Director of Aap News.

The holy month of Zil-hajj is approaching and the employees are in dire need of their salaries at this critical juncture as they are obliged to follow the commandment of Islam and have to sacrifice animals to revive the sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and to purchase house-hold items for their families.

The employees demanded salaries from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the media group Aftab Iqbal. They are asking him to pay salaries to the needy workers, who are in dire need than paying to those who are heavily paid.

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