Abrar Ul Haq releases a quirky version of ‘Baby Shark’ ft. Saba Qamar

Baaghi TV: The famous Pakistani singer-songwriter, Abrar ul Haq entertains his fans by releasing an amusing rendition of the nursery rhyme Baby Shark.
Abrar Ul Haq is best known for his songs such as Billo, Pardesi and Preeto, with his very recent one “Begum Shak Krti Hai”.

In an official music video featuring the popular actress Saba Qamar, Abrar shares a lighthearted narrative of a married couple. He dedicates the song to “all those who are very much married”, hinting at couples who strive to maintain a friendly relationship in a hilarious, amusing manner.

The quirky song “Begum Shak Krti Hai”, shares striking undertones with the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” whilst maintaining the signature Punjabi melody often seen in Abrar’s other hit songs.

With around 0.5 M views as of yet, the song continues to amuse fans on YouTube all across Pakistan.

“Hahahha too good man , the best thing about his songs is it will lift up your mood, no matter how you feel it will bring a smile on your face.. the lyrics n the jango music, keep going legend!”, a fan commented in appreciation of the”90’s King”, who never fails to impress the crowd.
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