Addicts in disguise of beggars irk Islooiites

ISLAMABAD, Dec 05 (APP): Addicts roaming around the streets and roads of federal capital was becoming nuisance for citizens as they disguised themselves beggars and kept chasing people for money and food.

While passing through public places such as bus or taxi stands, had become a routine for islooites when they encounter an addict who requests for money, food, or ask for something else, telling a fake sympathy story.

They could be seen begging the motorists on traffic signals of city’s main roads including Jinnah Avenue, Constitutional Avenue, Faisal Avenue, Margalla Road and Kashmir Highway, Embassy Road, Aabpara road.

Besides the traffic signals, a number of these beggars could also be witnessed irking the people with their made-up stories asking for money to buy their drugs.

Talking to APP, a banker Amna Amir said that these beggars make shopping impossible as they kept following people from one shop to another.

“Yesterday, an elderly person who could barely stand on his feet kept knocking the windowpane of my vehicle despite I politely refuse to give him alms at Gol Chakkar parking in Jinnah Super.

He also told me he was not feeling well, however, it could clearly be seen that he was an addict,” she added.

Another citizen Danish Ali said, a number of addicts could be seen at traffic signals or at the centre of the road without caring about the heavy traffic on big avenues of the city.

Although the local administration had been taking stern actions against such beggars, he added.

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