Adnan Siddiqui’s loving message for his daughters


BaaghiTV: Adnan Siddiqui, a well-known actor of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, released a message of love for his two daughters on International Daughters’ Day. Versatile actor Adnan Siddiqui has described the moments he spent with his daughters in his message on his Instagram account and expressed his desire to relive the past.

Addressing his daughters,

“Daniya Jania,

You two are growing up so fast that I really wish to either stop the time or get hold of a time machine and go back to the day you were born. Wasn’t it only yesterday that you were giving me sleepless nights with your cries and it was just a moment ago you clasped your little finger in my hand, trusting me to hold you steady as you took the first steps. And look at both of you now, becoming such fine young ladies! Making Abba jan proud every day, even when you lock horns with me to assert your opinion.

I know you hate me at times for disagreeing with you but it is a learning curve both of you should go through on your own. You should make your own choices—right or wrong, take your own decisions—good or bad. The only word of advice I have for you is be responsible for all that you do. I will always be there to catch you whenever you fall because life is not a smooth sailing. It would, however, be your own journey. I’ll be the wind beneath your wings, the flight will be yours. I will watch you from the shadows, you will celebrate life.
Happy Daughter’s Day!


Adnan Siddiqui said that today I see you people who are now becoming young are raising their father with pride even though you disagree with me to maintain your opinion.

The actor wrote that I know that you will hate me very much when I disagree with you but it is time to learn, you both have to move forward on your own, your right and wrong. You have to choose and make your own good and bad decisions.

Adnan Siddiqui advised his daughters to be responsible for whatever they do. “If you fall somewhere, I’m here to take care of you. Life is not easy,” she encouraged her daughters. The actor said that it will be your own journey, I will be like the wind under your wings but the flight will be yours, I will see you in the dark, you will enjoy life. At the end of his message, Adnan Siddiqui loved his daughters and congratulated them on International Daughters’ Day.

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