After increasing incidents of dog bites, court gives a strict order for the MPAs


Karachi, 24th February: The MPA will not be able to vote in the Senate in the area where dogs bite the citizens, the court said.

According to Baaghi TV, the case was heard in the Sindh High Court Sukkur Bench with reference to the orders for measures to prevent dog bites.

During the hearing, the court remarked that the MPA in the area where the dogs had bitten the citizens would be suspended.

The public prosecutor said that the MPAs were not involved in the incidents of dog bites, Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar remarked. “We know which of these funds the commission pays,” he said.

The court, while talking to the lawyer, said that it would be better if our mouths were not opened. It is the duty of the MPAs to protect the people. In case of any incident, the salaries of the concerned officers will be stopped and they will be kept in surplus.

Officers presented reports in Sindh High Court Sukkur Bench on which the court expressed dissatisfaction with the corporates.

Sindh High Court Sukkur Bench adjourned the hearing of the case till March 16.

Even after the continuous increase in the number of dog bites in Sindh, the government will not listen to them.

The Sindh Health Department has released the statistics of dog bite incidents till August.

This year, 122,566 people have been infected with dog bites in different districts of Sindh. 10,847 people were bitten by dogs in Nowshera Feroz.

According to the report, 8,958 people were bitten by dogs in Khairpur, the number of infected people in Jinnah Hospital exceeded 8,000, and 7,741 people were brought to Jinnah Hospital till September.

Citizens say stray dogs are roaming the streets. After today’s incident, children will have to think a hundred times before being evicted from their homes.

The Sindh government should conduct an operation against these dogs in Karachi before littering so that Citizens can breathe a sigh of relief.

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