Alarming deaths among vaccinated pilots: ‘These people are ticking time bombs’

Alarming deaths among vaccinated pilots: 'These people are ticking time bombs' #Baaghi

There are more and more strange incidents in the aviation world. Four British Airways pilots died in a week, presumably from blood clots.

In addition, American Airlines was forced to cancel hundreds of flights because the staff called in sick en masse. What is going on?

British Airways says there is no link between the corona vaccination and the sudden death of the four pilots. Health economist Jane Ruby delved into the precarious and alarming issue, telling the Stew Peters Show that three Delta Airlines pilots also died shortly after being vaccinated, but no one has access to their medical records.

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In addition, in Canada, a cargo pilot passed out on the runway. He had to be transported by stretcher, Ruby said. “Thank God the flight was rescheduled.”

She was also presented with a document showing that United Airlines has paid pilots to get vaccinated. If they got the coronavirus vaccine before June 1, they would get the full blow, about $2,000. American Airlines and Delta Airlines also offered their pilots a bag of money in exchange for a shot. They don’t have much choice though. If they refuse the vaccine, they are likely to be fired, the document shows.

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Four dead pilots in a week and the media is silent as the grave. “These people are ticking time bombs,” warned host Stew Peters. He expects it to only get worse.

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