Ali Azmat: The Daring Pakistani

Ali Azmat, the famous Pakistani singer, has finally reached North Cape which is also considered to be the end of the world.

Ali started his journey to the top with two of his friends. The interesting part is that he left his mates behind by riding to North Cape faster than both of them and being the first one to reach the landmark.

Ali became the first ever Pakistani motorcyclist to achieve this landmark leaving his fellow riders behind. The iconic rock singer, in his exclusive videos for Baaghi TV, told his fans about his adventurous journey and achievement. The place is ‘unbelievable’ and ‘gorgeous’, said the rock star.

North Cape is the northern most part of the world and the temperature there is 2°C, which is freezing cold. Despite of the freezing cold temperature, Ali seems excited and full of joy. He is all motivated to carry on with his journey to Finland, Germany, Amsterdam, Latvia, Estonia and Czech Republic all by himself.

“That should be the last 5000 km going back,” said the Pakistani star.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine,” the Junoon band lead singer sung while standing on the edge of the world.

Earlier, Pakistani singer/songwriter, Fakhar-e-Alam became the first Pakistani to circumnavigate across the globe.

Baaghi TV is proud of him and we wish him all the very best in his journey ahead.

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