Ali Zafar receives death threats amid harassment case


Lahore, 14th January: Pakistan’s superstar Ali Zafar’s life is in danger.

Baaghi TV: Ali Zafar’s lawyer has revealed that Ali Zafar’s life is in danger.

Speaking in a program on a private TV channel, the singer’s lawyer Muhammad Omar Tariq Gul said that Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi and Leena Ghani used to study in the same college.

He said that it was Meesha Shafi who introduced Leena Ghani’s career, and when Ali Zafar was accused, Leena came out in support of Meesha Shafi.

Gul disclosed that Ali Zafar was told if he did not surrender, more women would also make allegations. 

Tariq Gul revealed that Ali Zafar is still receiving death threats and he is being pressurized to withdraw the FIR.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) ​​has found Leena Ghani guilty in the Meesha Shafi case and submitted its report to the court.

It should be noted that a claim was filed against Ali Zafar by Leena Ghani in which the petitioner claimed that Ali Zafar first harassed her during a Pakistani fashion show in London in 2014.

She alleged that in June 2014, Zafar had twice used indecent language with her, after which Ms Ghani complained to her sister and friends about it.

She also said that Ali Zafar’s retweet of December 20, 2020, and his tweet of December 22 are based on lies, so these tweets of Ali Zafar should be declared as malicious.

According to reports, both tweets claimed that it was Ghani’s hand in the campaign against Ali Zafar. 

The Sindh High Court, through Sessions Judge Lahore, has issued notice to Ali Zafar for a hearing on January 25.

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