All adults in the US will be eligible for COVID vaccination from 19 April as California eyes June for full reopening

Washington, April 7 2021: The vaccination roll out in the US has so far been a success compared to Brazil and continental Europe and now Biden has announced vaccinations open for every adult starting on the 19th. This, in addition to California’s announcement that they are set to return to business full throttle by mid-June means the US is finally recovering from the crisis after suffering from the highest global death toll.

Commenting on the vaccination drive, President Biden said “We’re the first country to administer 150 million shots and the first country to fully vaccinate over 62 million people.” This new announcement means ending restrictions by age, health issues or other categories for people wanting to get vaccinated. While on a a visit to a vaccination site in Virginia he urged people to get vaccinated and said the worst may not yet be over but the fast vaccine roll out means the country could finally beat the virus

California will be “back to normal” by mid June after successfully vaccinating 20million people to date. Mask wearing will remain mandatory but the California plans reinforced expectations that the mighty US economy will be vital to leading the globe back to post-pandemic business.

The IMF predicts global economic growth of 6% this year based on accelerated vaccines and a flood of government stimulus spending, especially in the United States.This would be in contrast to the contraction of 3.3 percent in 2020 caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the worst peacetime downturn since the Great Depression nearly a century ago.

The global death toll which is 2.8million is still growing despite shots being administered, as in the deadliest day for hard-hit Brazil so far, 4195 people lost their lives on Tuesday.

Meanwhile India, a vaccine producing powerhouse, is struggling to contain a record surge in daily infections.With New Delhi imposing an immediate nighttime curfew, and the financial hub Mumbai imposing similar measures.

In Europe, Britain is among the pace-setters for inoculations with almost half its population having received at least one jab. In sharp contrast, many other countries in Europe are lagging behind for vaccinations and have been forced to reimpose deeply unpopular shutdowns to battle stubbornly high caseloads. The problem is further exacerbated by EMA’s non-committal attitude towards the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine with its trials on children again put on hold.

People in the US meanwhile, encouraged by the speed of the vaccine roll out, continue to prematurely lower their guard with steady rise in Covid-19 infections. Over 556,000 Americans have died from Covid-19. Johns Hopkins University tracker reported 79,075 new confirmed cases and 607 deaths on Monday.

The news from down-under though is hopeful as there was a rare breakthrough in reopening international travel when Australia and New Zealand, both largely corona free, announced a two-way, quarantine-free travel corridor starting on April 18.

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