An era of pathetic advertisements

Lahore, 12th December: It seems creativity these days has taken a dip especially in case of advertisement. The technology is improving, the mediums are getting faster and better but the content and the ideas are getting sloppy and irritating.

The brands seem to be less concentrating on their image, rather focus more on getting the attention without realizing the long term impact.

Earlier one would rate the top five advertisements of the year but in the current scenario, one can only write about probably the worst of the pathetic lot as a majority of the ads today are irritating and shallow.

Sunsilk has come up with a total fake idea, the model looks so artificial leading to the conclusion that the product would also be fake and useless.

This is the time when women are empowered and enlightened. The general way of thinking is changing, more professional females are entering the different segments of society.

But the advertising agencies seem to be obsessed with the ideas like soft and shinning and women focusing only on getting approved and attended due to fairness and beauty.

Whereas the concept of beauty and acceptance has changed. The stanza in the advertisement goes ‘We Will Shine’.

The new TVC by Sunsilk can be watched here:

Then another opportunist approach in the advertisement is an effort of using symbolic resemblance with current political figures and their political move with a product which does not make any relevance and that to if we analyse can have more of a negative impression.

But these days the mantra seems to be in abundance and getting on nerves of the society so all we get is the horrible result.

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