Anadolu Agency to launch 17th war journalism program

ANKARA, Sep 18 (AA/APP):Turkey’s premier news agency is set to launch its 17th war journalism program in the capital Ankara to train reporters from around the globe how to operate and get out the news under dangerous circumstances.

Anadolu Agency’s war journalism program is conducted in collaboration with the Turkish Police Academy, Turkish Armed Forces, and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the state development aid agency.

Taking the program this time around are reporters from far-flung locales such as Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ukraine, Croatia, Syria, Colombia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, the Philippines, and Pakistan.

The participants will be trained in English in such subjects as first aid, natural disasters, riots, bullet-proof equipment, explosives, mines, night camps, vehicle safety, and advanced driving techniques.

The lessons will be taught by expert academics and professional security personnel, and real ammunition will be used during the program so the reporters learn through authentic experiences.

Over two dozen separate lessons will be included in the 12-day program, which is set to start on Sept. 23.

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