Another harasser behind bars

Despite the evolving dynamics of the society and improving safety situation, women still have to face harassment of some level every time they step outside their home. Ogling and inappropriate touching is so common that it is generally not even considered as harassment. Women, who have to tolerate dirty and lustful gazes of men, go through this torture so frequently that they usually do not see a point in reporting it or speaking out, either because they fear getting into more trouble or due to the idea that this behavior is normal as “that’s how they are“.
However silence does no good, as it helps the perpetrators get stronger. There have been numerous cases where street harassment reached a level where men, who feel the need to prove their manliness through obnoxious exhibitionism, have been found bothering women with their indecent gestures.
In a recent incident that took place near Thokar Niaz Baig, a guy on motorcycle attempted to harass a woman through an extremely offensive action of obnoxious exposure. This did not go well with him; the young lady, unafraid, courageously made a video of him and put it on social media.
Her tweet immediately caught attention and people came out in her support. It is important to note that a number of young women, having gone through similar situation, shared her horror.


Men too responded to her tweet, expressing solidarity with women who have to face this evil as part of their daily routine and admitting that a section from their gender is at fault, while some even sent out apologies to the victims of harassment on behalf of their gender.

The case took an important turn when, just after a few hours of the victim’s tweet, CCPO Lahore’s official twitter account responded, informing that CCPO Lahore BA Nasir has taken notice of the incident and the matter shall be promptly looked into. Another few hours later, SP Sadar Ahsan Saifullah, via his tweet, reported about the culprit being caught after his identification through the number plate of his motorcycle, which has been confiscated too. He further added that an FIR under section 294/268 of PPC has been registered against him. The police officer also expressed hope that the prompt action against the offender becomes a lesson for others and no woman has to go through such ordeal again.



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