Are Compelling Female Characters Need of the Hour?

LAHORE (23rd Oct, 2019): The portrayal of compelling female characters in Pakistani drama serials, of utmost importance for societal progress.

As per popular belief and with the rise of social movements such as Feminsim and #MeToo, there has been a premeditated shift which can be observed in the Pakistani drama industry. While, we have not entirely and vocally moved on from typical series revolving around affairs and Saas-Bahu “family drama” and with their consistant bickering, the drama industry is more clearly and presently focused on creating and presenting stronger and far more compelling female characters.

This shift resonates with the ongoing socio-politico-economic situation of the state where work is increasingly being done to advocate female rights in the form of need for education, choice to work in the outside world, fight for equal wages and/or potential including, redefining the domestic role of women.

People are also appreciating this evolution of the drama industry. We see that in the latest Pakistan drama serial Khaas, where the public has wholeheartedly accepted Salma’s character. Infact, we all love Tareen’s character. We loved it when she overpowered Ammar (his husband) and unleashed hell all over his life. The way she roasted her husband in the drama serial was also a fun to watch.

Users also took to social media and shared memes and other clips of Salma, who allegedly gave a “shut up call” to Ammar for his bad behaviour. The credit for a character that has been so successful goes to a talented young actress, Hira Tareen.

She has played a role with pure class, while watching her superb acting, we even think that no other actor could have carried this role better.

While sharing her experience, Pakistani actress Tareen said, “I decided to play the character of Salma in a very unapologetic, nonchalant and matter of fact sort of way.”

Moreover, while talking about the need for strong female characters in the drama industry, she added, “People in Pakistan are finally ready to see strong female characters without directly jumping the gun and placing a moral judgement on them.”


Reportedly, it is not the first time that we have fallen in love with a strong female character in a drama serial. The popular and people-favorite series, Alpha Bravo Charlie, introduced us to Shahnaaz’s character that graced the headlines at that time, her soulful performance won million hearts.

Reportedly, strong female characters play a vital role in bringing a positive change to any society, especially those like Pakistan which are universally considered to be Male dominated and patriarchal, supposedly working for female downfall. While, it is inarguably true that women feel unsafe in parts of Pakistan, it is not entirely factual either.

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Moreover, #MeToo campaign has been used as an awareness program to curb crimes against women but the campaign is been hijacked by some individuals for their personal vendetta. This campaign having also picked up in Pakistan has given rise to various cases of allegations against people from all walks of life including multiple famous celebrities but unfortunately #MeToo campaign almost fails in Pakistan just because of conservative mind people.

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As French poet and writer, Victor Hugo argued, “Where women are honored, the divinities are pleased. Where they are despised, it is useless to pray to God.”


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