Armed Forces Recall Retired Doctors, Medical Staff to Work to Battle COVID-19

The Indian government said on Monday that all medical personnel of the armed forces who have retired or have taken pre-mature retirement in the last two years are being recalled to work in COVID-19 facilities within proximity of their present place of residence. Other medical officers who retired from the armed forces earlier than two years have also been requested to make their services available for consultation through medical emergency helplines, a statement said.

Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat told Prime Minister Narendra Modi about this decision as they reviewed preparations and operations being undertaken by the armed forces to deal with the second wave of the pandemic raging across the country.

Rawat also informed the prime minister that oxygen cylinders available with armed forces in various establishments will be released for hospitals.

PM Modi was also informed that all medical officers on staff appointments at Command HQ, Corps HQ, Division HQ & similar HQ of Navy and Air Force will be employed at hospitals.

“The CDS informed the prime minister that nursing personnel are being employed in large numbers to complement the doctors at the hospitals,” the statement said.

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