Ashiana Housing Scam

Accountability Court (AC) has been informed that Shahbaz Sahrif will return to Pakistan on June, 11.

Atta Tarar has stated before AC during the course of hearing of Ashiana Housing Scandal case Tuesday that Shahbaz Sharif will return to Pakistan on June 11.

He has also filed a petition on behalf of Shahbaz Sharif seeking exemption from attendance in the court;

NAB lawyer asked the court that in what capacity is Atta Tarar saying all of this. Atta Tarar has not filed a power of attorney, and hence is not eligible to speak on their behalf.

Filing his reply with regard to Shahbaz Sharif exemption plea NAB lawyer said Shahbaz Sharif is roaming scott free on the streets of London openly on the pretext of illness. All the medical tests of Shahbaz Sharif can be carried out in Pakistan. His treatment is also possible in Pakistan. Exemption plea is being filed on the pretext of ailment. Court should reject exemption plea of Shahbaz Sharif and his arrest warrants be issued.

AC remarked “we can wait for counsel for Shahbaz Sharif.”

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