Asif Ali Zardari approaches Supreme Court in fake bank accounts case

On Tuesday, Asif Ali Zardari challenged SC’s decision of transferring fake bank accounts case from Karachi to Islamabad court.

The appeal claims that Asif Ali Zardari is being subjected to political retaliation and that he was not nominated by FIA in fake accounts case interim challan.

On the other hand, Asif Ali zardari and PPP chairman Bilal Bhutto have directed the party leaders and workers to gather at Zardari house on Wednesday. The rally will arrive at NAB’s office for appearance.

Asif Ali Zardari was also issued another notice to appear at NAB headquarters in Rawalpindi to give his statements on inquires on his alleged role in overvaluation of power projects and illegal awards of contracts to which he excused himself due to ongoing investigation of fake bank accounts case.

The NAB filed references in money laundering through fake bank accounts, Pink Residency and illegal award of water supply schemes against him to which Zardari responded on 54 questions in connection with these cases.

Earlier, the case was being heard in a banking court in Karachi but had been shifted to an accountability court in Islamabad upon an appeal.

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