Marvel’s New Game to be Launch on May 2020


NEW YORK: Marvel’s new game “Alternate Outfit: Joe Fixit Hulk” to be launch on 15th of May, 2020.

According to details, Marvel studios is going to launch a new game “Alternate Outfit: Joe Fixit Hulk” on Hulk’s character. Drawing from over 80 years of Marvel history, Marvel’s Avengers includes a wide array of iconic outfits and all new designs. Some outfits like Joe Fixit can be earned and unlocked in game. Outfits are purely cosmetic, and do not impact gameplay.



One of the coolest cats around was Banner’s alter-ego, Joe Fixit. The grey Hulk traded scruples for extra intelligence, giving him the will and the way to act outside the moral boundaries of both Bruce and The Hulk.

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