Big Step Taken Against High Court Attackers

8th February 2021, Baaghi TV: A case has been registered against 21 lawyers by the High Court’s security in-charge for attacking the Islamabad High Court.

The High Court statement said that contempt proceedings would also be initiated against all the lawyers.
The Islamabad Bar will also be written for the suspension of the lawyers’ licenses. In this regard, Chaudhry Haseeb, President, Islamabad High Court Bar, has said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan has summoned the lawyers. He said they as well as the administration will appear before the Supreme Court, and all arrested lawyers have also been released.

The President District Bar said that we are taking our case to the Chief Justice of Pakistan. What happened to us? Lawyers should not go for the meeting. The lawyers said that the Chief Justice of Pakistan should be summoned to the district court and the problem should be reported there. If you say we will should not go there we won’t, even if cases are filed against us under the provisions of terrorism. If our demands are not complied with, we will shut down the Supreme Court of Pakistan as well. We will not allow district and high courts to function until or unless the chambers are built.

It should be noted that a case has been registered against the lawyers involved in the vandalism at Islamabad High Court. The petition to end the encroachment was filed in 2015. A case has been registered against 21 lawyers. The court had assured to complete the elimination of encroachments by February 28. Police raids are underway for arresting those involved.

If the government and institutions do not work according to the deadline, they will be held responsible.

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