Breaking: Punjab Cabinet Reshuffle Expected In Next Two Weeks. Stay Tuned To Baaghi TV for Updates!

LAHORE: The next two weeks are expected to be very crucial for the Punjab government. According to the sources of Baaghi TV, changes (tabdeeli) are likely to happen within the Punjab government cabinet.

Several ministers are expected to go back home due to poor performance and some new members are likely to take their place. According to credible sources, some serious actions are predicted in the coming weeks.

According to the information received by Baaghi TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan is not satisfied with the performance of some ministers of the Punjab government. It is also believed that a few days ago Prime Minister Imran Khan’s meeting with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in Lahore was a series of similar events in which Imran Khan was very disappointed with the poor performance of the Punjab cabinet.

According to Baaghi TV, Punjab government has badly failed in controlling inflation and self-imposed prices which will be worrying for most of the ministers. The Prime Minister also appears to be upset over poor planning in the largest province of the country.

According to sources, the second major reason for the changes in the Punjab government is the lack of proper access of health facilities to the people, the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar is also worried for not taking good health care and measures during the monsoon rains. Major changes are expected to be seen in the Punjab government under the direction of the Prime Minister.

The Chief Minister himself appears to be troubled over the massive changes in his tenure. Therefore, Usman Buzdar was seen in front of cameras and TV screens all day long and is expected to be on screens for the next few days because he does not want the opposition to criticize and create more difficulties for him.

In the Punjab government, a number of ministers will be sent home. Baaghi TV will bring to you updates about replacements in the Punjab cabinet really soon. Moreover, the names of the ministers that will be sacked will also be updated really soon, only on Baaghi TV.

Stay tuned and updated to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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