Britain Navy chief blasts back at ‘ridiculous’ Putin’s threats

While discussing the current war in Ukraine, senior Royal Navy Officer, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said Britain and its allies needed to be careful about Russia’s threats in the region.

According to the details, Britain’s Chief of the Defence Staff critiqued President Vladamir Putin’s threats of nuclear warfare and reassured Brits that’s the United Kingdom (UK) military were prepared for any such attack.

“We have to be calm and responsible so that we do not react hastily to any bizarre or ridiculous remarks by President Putin,” he said.

He emphasized that the UK was part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the world’s largest military alliance, and had a nuclear deterrent. “We are part of the world’s largest military alliance, we have our own nuclear deterrent, we’ve got to retain calmness and responsibility so that we don’t just react rashly to whatever is the latest, frankly at times bizarre or ridiculous comment form President Putin.”

“So we are prepared, we are professional armed forces, we will approach this conflict with that level of professionalism and responsibility that you would expect,” he added.


In answer to the question of how we know that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Admiral Radakin said he did not want to go into details but if the tension escalated, several factors would point to it. Furthermore, he said that the British government is in direct contact with Moscow’s operational headquarters.

He says he recently used the same line to request a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Army Chief Valery Gerasimov, and is awaiting a response.

Britain Navy chief said: We know that Russia acknowledges that it’s lost nearly 500 people, to put that into a context that’s nearly 500 soldiers in one week.

“That is more than the UK lost in Afghanistan over 20-years, Ukraine claims nearly 10,000 casualties and we don’t know if that is true but we do know that some of the lead elements of Russian forces have been decimated by the Ukrainian response.

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