British PM announces new lockdown amid the rising cases

London, 5th January: A new lockdown is imposed in England and Scotland after the emergence of a new strain of infectious coronavirus.

Baaghi TV: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a national lockdown across the United Kingdom amid a surge of novel coronavirus cases and a new more infectious strain.

According to recent reports from BBC News, as new lockdowns begin in all of England and most of Scotland, people must now stay at home except for a handful of permitted reasons.

Schools have been closed to most pupils in England, Scotland and Wales, while Northern Ireland will now have an extended period of remote learning.


As per reports, lockdown in England will last until at least mid-February. However, Scotland will review its situation at the end of January.

PM Boris Johnson has warned that the coming weeks would be the hardest yet. Mr Johnson said hospitals were under more pressure from COVID than at any time since the start of the pandemic.

The premier also took to his Twitter account to share the news:

He has ordered people to stay indoors except for to get basic essentials such as medical needs, food shopping, exercise and work that cannot be done at home.

He also said schools and colleges should move to remote learning for the majority of students until at least half term.

Johnson also announced that all care home residents and their carers, everyone aged 70 and over, all frontline health and social care workers, and the clinically serious patients will be offered one dose of a vaccine by mid-February.


The move comes after the UK reported a record 58,784 cases and 407 deaths on Monday within 28 days of a positive test.

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