BTS Release Video for Global “Love Myself” Campaign

Love Myself Global Campaign Video Receives Love and Acclaim from fan around the world

Lahore (30th July, 2019): Bangtan Sonyeondan better known as fan-favorite BTS, release new video for Global Campaign “Love Yourself”. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, the video has received much acclaim and appreciation from fans all over. The 2 minutes and 29 seconds long video features teenagers from different nationalities and/or ethnicities doubting themselves due to being bullied by their peers.

The video also features BTS’s song “Love Myself” in the background as well as the beloved band members as their music helps remind the bullied to believe in their potential and self worth.

One of the major reasons BTS is able to transcend cultural and language barriers and affect so many people along the way, including non-fans globally, is the fact that their music is about believing in yourself, in loving yourself with all your faults and shortcomings. Earlier last year, they were even provided the opportunity to spread their universal message of acceptance with the world at the United Nations head office.

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