CAA issues a new travel guide, includes more countries in Category-C

Lahore, 4th April: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a new travel guide which includes more countries on the list.

Baaghi TV: The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a new travel guide, including 22 more countries in the list of C-Category countries.

According to reports, the travel ban has been extended to April 20.

Category-C includes countries like South Africa, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania.

The arrival of passengers from 22 countries, including Rwanda and Mozambique, is subject to permission from the No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Without NOC, passengers from the Category-C countries are not allowed to enter Pakistan. The number of Category-A countries has been reduced to 20.

In addition, the PIA had issued a directive that passengers must wear face masks all the time during the flight. It will also be necessary to compile a record of photographs of passengers wearing masks on the plane, and to record the data of all passengers, including phone numbers.

Passengers will be provided with a hand sanitiser. An alcohol-based sanitiser will be provided every 30 minutes upon unavailability. It is also directed that the pilot of the flight will have to make an announcement based on precautionary measures.

According to the guidelines issued by the Civil Aviation, the supply of food and beverages has been completely banned on domestic flights.

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