Can Pakistan make a name for itself in Hockey and Squash again?

Can Pakistan make a name for itself in Hockey and Squash again? #Baaghi

For the promotion of cricket or any other ‘dying’ games, it is very important and lucrative to hold them through national leagues. Nowadays we see the popularity of cricket is in its full bloom. It is not only generating financial resources but also helps youngsters to show their talents. 

So by virtue of PSL (Pakistan Super League), we have got a lot of players. A major benefit of the PSL is that it has promoted a culture of justice, hard-working and self-reliance. No one can use the backdoor channel to get himself selected in any team.

Talent does not hide. It shines where ever it is. It just demands a plausible environment to get itself proven.

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Shahnawaz Dahani is an exquisite example. Now we have no shortage of players as far as cricket is concerned. If Muhammad Hafeez announces his retirement we have players like Khush Dil Shah, Hussain Talat, and Iftikhar Ahmad to bridge this gap. This all is the fruit of PSL.

Economically weak countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Zimbabwe, and Kenya must hold these leagues for the promotion of cricket among their youngsters. Through this, these countries can have their best teams in spite of keeping very limited resources in comparison to England, Australia, and New Zealand. So promotion of cricket and other games is very necessary for the formulation of a well-balanced and tolerant society.

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Just like PSL, we need to pay attention to the promotion of hockey, football, and squash too. Pakistan has remained a champion in hockey and squash but nowadays our name is at the bottom of the list, in which hockey and squash, are popular.

Do we have a shortage of manpower? Do our youngsters have no interest in sports? If our answer is no then we must take a view of those factors which have deprived us of our big names in hockey and squash. If we spend equal financial resources on hockey and squash, we can easily regain our former status.

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Luckily our present Prime Minister is also a sportsman, and the lovers of other sports, expect a lot from him to do something for regaining our place in hockey and squash. Is it possible to hold a league of hockey and squash on the pattern of cricket? Lovers of hockey and squash usually ask this question.

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This Opinion has been contributed by Muhammad Muzammil Ijaz. He is a mechanical engineer, blogger, and social media activist, and is passionate about sports in Pakistan. You can follow him on Twitter @WordsByMuzammil

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