Can Risk of Diabetes be Lowered by Plant-Based Diet?

Study suggests, plants-based diet can reduce diabetes risk by 23%

Islamabad (25th July, 2019): Research suggests a plant-based diet can help limit risk of diabetes by nearly 23%

Data provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 million adults suffer  from diabetes or prediabetes in the United States alone. Research suggests a major factor for diabetes and/or type 2 diabetes [prediabetes] is diet, however, if an individual switches to healthy dietary habits such as vegan diet, the risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can be lowered considerably.

Recent studies suggest that vegetarian or plant-based diet can significantly reduce person's chances of developing diabetes or type 2 diabetes.


A dedicated team of researchers from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, has conducted a review of meta-analysis from nine studies focusing on the association of dietary patterns and the risks of type 2 diabetes. For this purpose, they observed nearly 307,099 participants, from which approximately 23,544 people had prediabetes.

Plant-based dietary patterns are gaining popularity in recent years, so we thought it was crucial to quantify their overall association with diabetes risk, particularly since these diets can vary substantially in terms of their food composition.

Frank Qian Study Author

Qian and his team of researchers report their findings in JAMA Internal Medicine. Based on their analysis they observe one’s compliance with a plant-based diet of any kind in association with diabetes risk. “Predominantly plant-based” diet may refer to fruits, vegetables, nuts, lentils, legumes and even potatoes and sugars. Reportedly, they could even include some products of animal origin.

The team has focused on the link between diabetes risk and following a health plant-based diet.


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