CDA completes preparations for mega operation against agro farms

ISLAMABAD, Feb 14 (APP): The administration of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed preparations for a mega operation against agro farms in capital city.

In the first phase notices were served to more than 80 owners of agro farms for violating the allotment by laws .The said owners have been directed either to demolish the illegal constructions or regularize them within the time period of 15 days. CDA has completed the survey of all the agro farms and compiled a detail report in this regard.

According to detail, CDA allotted the agro farms for providing fresh vegetables, fruits, and poultry to citizens. In the allotment letters of the said agro farms the authority gave permission of covered areas for constructed building in the farms.Agrofarmers were given to grow fresh fruits and vegetables but farmers are not using the land for this purpose.

Many agro farmers have violated the covered area and have not demolished illegal structures, nor has it been regularized by the institution.

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