Challenges to Biden’s administration

It is explicit fact that people were unhappy with the government of President Donald Trump. The expectations are high from the newly elected administration of Joe Biden. He is the 46th President of America. However, the incumbent government is not under the safe sky. There are myriad hurdles for the Biden’s Administration.

Coronavirus has dismantled the prosperity of many countries. Among all, one of them is the USA. It has produced a big hiatus in the economy of the country. Many people have been contiguous in the vulnerable brackets of unemployment. Educational institutions were closed and people are stressed to stay in their homes. It needs great strategies and resources to bring backcountry in a stable position.

There is no ambiguity that relation between China and the USA is at the strenuous level. It can be understood from the recent meeting conducted in Alaska. Antony Blinken, the USA Secretary of state said that China’s actions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and trade coercion against the USA allies deserve to be condemned. He further says, “Each of the actions threatens the rule-basedorder that maintains global stability.” Contrarily, Yang Jiechi, foreign affairs minister, stressed the Biden’s administration to not interfere in the affairs of China. They need to face pay proper heed to their state affairs. Racial injustice and infringement of human rights are perennial issues in America. The event illustrates the friendly relation between two powerful countries is in the topsy-turvy situation. It needs extra solemn gestures from Biden to protect the relationship for future development.

Biden policy to settle the issue with the Afghan Taliban is in turbulent modus. Taliban demands all foreign troops must leave the country by May 1. However, US intelligence agencies have stressed to the Biden administration that the Taliban could overrun most of Afghanistan within two to three years if U.S. troops leave before a power-sharing deal is reached between the warring sides. Biden also reiterated that it is hard to meet issued time. It is a demanding situation for Biden to deal with.

It is evident truth Donal Trump was a self-centered leader. He had taken many wrong decisions one is of termination of the Paris Agreement. It aims to fight against catastrophic challenges generated by climate change. It is widely known the USA is the second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the environment. The administration should retrieve the agreement to remain safe from the remonstrance of climate change.

Moreover, the seed of discrimination against Africans in America is the worst example of the jeopardy of human rights. They observe the reflection of discrimination in everycorner of the country including schools, universities, and health sectors. For instance, the USA has seen ameliorate growth in the labor market for many years. However, most Africans are unemployed. There is no beauty in it. It only gives birth to pathetic riots and shatters the peace. It is hoped from Biden’s administration that he will reduce the risk of discrimination.

Domestic violence is an unresolved enigma in America. Women are not safe in the boundary of the country. It is a common problem in the United States, affecting an estimated 10 million people every year; as many as one in four women and one in nine men are victims of domestic violence. It causes worsened psychological and physical health, decreased quality of life, decreased productivity, and in some cases, mortality. Violence Against Women Act 1994 was made to decrease heinous crimes of domestic violence within the USA. It is high time for the new administration to enforce the act effectively in the country. There is no ambiguity that the Joe Biden administration is contiguous in several problems. It is high time for the superpower country to prove herself powerful having solved all enigmas.


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