China to establish long term mechanism for handling irregularities in business relates charges


BEIJING, Aug 6 (XINHUA/APP):China will establish a long-term mechanism for handling business-related charges that are against the regulations, an official has said.

Gan Lin, deputy chief of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said at a press conference that a recent circular called for self-examination and self-correction among all related authorities.

Both central and local governments should enhance the disclosure of fee-charging procedures to ensure open and transparent charging on firms and strengthen social supervision, according to the circular.

Meanwhile, it stressed that efforts in regulating fees on companies must be integrated with the reforms to streamline administration, delegate powers and improve regulation and services.

The country will also establish a safeguard and evaluation mechanism for fee-charging management, boosting information sharing and reducing the costs of right protection for companies.

China has made remarkable progress in cracking down on business-related charges violating regulations, with 620 million yuan (about 89.56 million U.S. dollars) of such charges investigated and handled in a nationwide inspection last year, Gan said.

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