China to send ‘economic aid’ to Russia amidst conflict: US

United States (US) officials claim China has decided to provide Russia with economic aid, including contemplating the decision to send military supplies, during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Adviser, during a seven-hour meeting in Rome on Monday, raised concerns about China’s growing affiliations with Russia. The security adviser voiced the concern that Moscow “feigned interest” while preparing its military for an invasion of Ukraine, adding that the Russian military showed “signs of frailty”.  

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According to a senior official, the meeting in Rome was more about a “direct exchange of views” than about negotiating terms and/or outcomes. According to Reuters, while the US government has offered no evidence to back its “assertions of China’s willingness” to provide financial support to Russia, the situation is “really alarming”. 

The intense meeting was focused on Washington informing NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Asian countries about China’s growing affiliations. During the meeting, Sullivan met with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi and apprised him about the “unity” between the US and its allies, claimed a US official. 

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In addition, a US official said that it is significant to maintain “open lines of communication” between China and the US, especially concerning “areas where we disagree”. According to US officials, the Chinese administration has already deliberated on its decision to support Russia. 

According to CNN (Cable News Network) reports, Russia is in dire need of financial assistance as it is in danger of defaulting on its debt payments. CNN further argued that Moscow is unable to access approximately $640 billion of reserves, in gold and foreign exchange. 

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Experts have suggested that if China moves ahead in support of Russia, the US administration will have to shift focus and rethink its relationship with Beijing. It is pertinent to note that experts are of the opinion China and Russia want to bring an end to the United States’ “global dominance”. 

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