CIR exposes fake Indian Media platform

The Center for Information Resilience (CIR) has uncovered an organization of phony profiles of Sikh powerhouses made to focus on the rancher fights in India just as the Khalistan development.

The CIR report — named ‘Investigation of the #RealSikh Influence Operation’ — recognized a center organization of phony records that designated “different records steady of Indian patriotism to spread and enhance the substance and accounts created by the center organization”.

The report uncovered a planned impact activity that utilizations counterfeit personas on various web-based media stages to advance stories contending that “genuine” Sikhs support the Indian government and Indian patriotism, and that promoters of Sikh independence and autonomy are radical or psychological oppressor.

A portion of the phony organization’s informing included explanations calling for activity, for example, Indian “Patriots shouldn’t remain observing quietly” and that they “need to counter and uncover them [the Khalistani development for Sikh independence]” to “save India” from “Pakistan, Canada, UK, and US”.

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This multitude of records utilized dull hashtags like #RealSikhAgainstKhalistanis #Khalistanis #SikhRejectKhalistan.


“The organization expanded its movement since the beginning of the ranchers’ fights in India. Both the ranchers’ fights and the Khalistan autonomy development have been the two most every now and again designated subjects of the center organization of phony records,” the report expressed.

The substance delivered by these records was likewise embraced by different checked records who worked with these records, recommending that there was a planned govt supported action.

Some high-profile accounts were viewed as associated with centered focusing of Sikhs For Justice’s General-Counsel Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who is running the Khalistan Referendum crusade for the partition of Punjab from India. This large number of records that distributed Pannun’s animation images considered him a Pakistani specialist, counterfeit Sikh and adversary of India and Sikhs.

CIR exposes fake Indian Media platform

One client tweeted Narendra Modi, kicking Pannun while he’s fleeing. The tweet read: “The answer of a #RealSikh to the #FakeSikh Pannun. Dear Pannu, there is a bad situation for Khalistan and no Sikh needs Khalistan.”

The report said:

“The organization’s backing that allies of Sikh freedom are fanatic or fear based oppressor, and that Indian patriots should make a move against them, may add to a climate in which a few entertainers consider terrorizing of, or savagery towards, the Sikh people group as authentic.”

The CIR said it had gathered the information of 398 records that had loved, retweeted or remarked on tweets that utilized the hashtags #RealSikhsAgainstKhalistan, #SikhsRejectKhalistan and #RealSikhs. These were three hashtags that gave off an impression of being regularly utilized in the organization, especially by accounts with bigger quantities of adherents.

The BBC distributed the report on a restrictive premise and said that there is no proof connecting this organization straightforwardly with the Indian government, yet it’s accepted that such strategies are applied regularly by the BJP government to impact minds and already many records have been suspended for being engaged with facilitated action against Sikhs, Pakistan and disagreeing Indian voices.

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