Civil society demands attention of authorities towards pathetic healthcare for transgender

ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP):Civil society Monday demanded the quarters concerned to pay attention pathetic situation of free healthcare facilities given to the transgender in the federal.

Talking to APP, different representatives of social cohorts expressed their resentment on the negligence of the authorities to ensure smooth provision of medical aid at hospitals which was nowhere.

“They have to face discrimination in hospitals for being a she-male as most of the time they have been maltreated in critical emergency situations and no relief have been given to them likewise which needs to be shunned in the society,” they added.

Shafique Rana, a social activist said that this is a social stigma that they were not given their basic rights of health. He said that as citizen of Pakistan they deserve to be treated equally to bring them in social fabric.

He said that the present government was taking positive steps for their empowerment adding that concerned authority without any delay shall issue their free health cards.

Nadeem Kashish, a transgender and a Human Rights activist said that the transgender have no money to purchase medicines and visit doctor due to lack of proper source of income and livelihood opportunities.

When contacted an official of the Ministry of Human rights, she told APP that were providing medical and health facilities in Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS) adding, “We are giving them free medical treatment so that they would get treatment free of charge and without facing any inconvenience. Separate doctors will also be available for them”.

She said all provincial health ministers had been asked to set up separate wards for transgender people.

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