Clashes between army and villagers in Myanmar kill 20 farmers

Lahore, 6th June: Tensions in Myanmar escalate after reports of clashes between army and villagers.

According to reports, clashes between the army and villagers in Myanmar kill 20 farmers.

According to the International News Agency, the army conducted a search operation in a village in the Delta region of Myanmar, during which there was fierce resistance.

During the search operation, villagers also attacked the army with a sharp reaper.

A spokesman for the military leadership said in a statement that three people were killed and five wounded in the clashes.

However, a spokesman for the deposed government claimed that 20 farmers had been killed and several others wounded.

Independent sources also said that more than 15 bodies have been brought to the village hospital while more than a dozen have been injured, five of whom are said to be in critical condition. 

Farmers’ leaders said that genocide of farmers was carried out under the pretext of a search operation.

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