Clean Pakistan, Cleaner You

A Clean Pakistan means better possibilities and a safer future for you and your children!

The pressing and urgent need of our country Pakistan, is to make it a cleaner place to live in, for ourselves and for our future generations.

How can we ever think of spoiling the place which our ancestors acquired for us by laying down their lives, their possessions and so much more? It is our foremost duty to be sincere to Pakistan in any way possible; be it honesty, hard work or being united.

For me, keeping my country clean is of utmost importance and is something I always stress upon to everyone. How could you even think of littering the space that you occupy?

Our religion comprises of cleanliness as one of the most important components. Keeping this in mind, always keep your surroundings and your soul neat and tidy. Surroundings include your room, home, community, city and ultimately your country.

By keeping our country clean, we are also presenting an attractive image globally. With the world developing so fast around us and various recycling campaigns taking place, we Pakistanis, should take up the challenge and not shy away from following any such deed.

First of all, begin with your own home; don’t throw your garbage out of the waste basket, nor should it be thrown at your neighbor’s place. Each one of us playing our parts will result in cleaner houses inside and out.

Similarly, take a look around your community, do you find it clean? If not, then please get up, put on those gloves and start doing chores, from picking up the empty wrappers, waste juice boxes etc and throwing them in a dustbin. I am sure people around you will get inspired and might help you in your deed. Help your community in the buying of and placing of large waste bins in a place where they are easily accessible.

The most common habit of our people that I have observed is to throw away their garbage and waste on the roads or the sidewalks, this habit should be discouraged at all costs. We are the ones who abide by these laws when we visit foreign places, has anyone of us ever spat or thrown his/her bubble gum on the road whilst visiting a foreign country?

We always think of it as a beautiful place and not to spoil it, we also think of following the rules of that country. Then why can’t we think of such things when it comes to our own country, in which we were born, which provided us with what we needed? We are the ones who can make it beautiful or ugly.

This being a request from a Pakistani who wants to see her country splendid like any else, takes upon herself the responsibility of urging you all to abide by the rule of not littering around any where you pass by.

Make it self-imposed on yourself not to spit anything from your mouth like a Paan or saliva. Whatever you eat and finish, keep the waste with you and throw it away wherever you see a waste bin.

It would be my request to our government as well, to put large dustbins, as many as possible, near footpaths so that they are reachable.

 Plastic should be completely diminished from our environment like other countries are doing, introduction of paper and cloth bags is essential. Try to keep the sea area clean as well, so that our marine life doesn’t suffer at the hands of our litter.

Planting trees is a dire need for us to cleanse our air. If you want your children to have a safe and clean, oxygenated environment, then take part in encouraging them to undertake activities such as tree plantation and by setting an example yourself, discourage them from discarding their waste on the roads while travelling in a car.

We as Pakistanis need to stand united to carry out the campaign for cleanliness and if we want to see our country in the list of developed countries, the first step would be to make it a cleaner place to live in.

It’s very easy to pin point the flaws in a system, but to make it work we as citizens, and the government both have to play our parts regardless of our differences or like/dislikes .People like us have just to be cautious while throwing away the waste, if we start doing so, it will make a huge difference.

Clean body, clean soul and a clean place make the world worth living.


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