Common Man’s Gallery in Parliament is inaugurated


Speaker National Assembly Asad Qiaser  inaugurated ‘Common Man’s Gallery’ in National Assembly today as he promised to do so.

PTI Government comes into power with slogan of No VIP, in this regard Speaker Asad Qaiser also inaugurated the counter and comman man gallery at the Parliament House reception.

Now any member of common public can witness proceedings of National Assembly just showing his national identity card.

Speaker of National Assembly after inauguration adress to media and said this step was under consideration and finally we open National Assembly for general public.Now general public have access to National Assembly where they can watch proceedings.

Speaker further said special staff will be available for help of people coming to National Assembly.They will guid them about rules and regulations of assembly.

This access to national Assembly will allow general public to meet their representatives and other favorite leaders and they can watch their representatives work in Assembly.

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