Compromising, giving NRO are easy but a path to annihilation: PM

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (Online): Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said it is easy to give NRO and to compromise but it is path of annihilation.

“All the thieves and robbers gather. Forgive them, give them NRO and make compromise. This is easy way. It will ease the life. We will too deliver speeches in parliament comfortably. The remaining three years will pass easily. Giving NRO and compromising is easy but it is path to destruction. The passage of betterment is not easy always. The difficult decisions take you ahead. In the country where trade deficit is 40 billon dollars, its foreign exchange reserves will be affected naturally. When foreign exchange reserves start depleting then the rupee will  lose value. When rupee depreciates then price hike will come. The country is heading towards right direction”, he said this while addressing National University of Science and Technology (NUST) here Friday.

He held most of the people die of heart attacks in the world and Pakistan and unfortunately it is expensive treatment. You people prepared stents at local level and saved our foreign exchange reserves as there is colossal difference in the prices. This way you provided us opportunity to  extend treatment to maxim poor people. This is good omen.

He underlined our biggest problems is mindset. Change strikes first mind and then it comes  on land.

He remarked “ Pakistan has to head towards where. What is role of the government. What coordination should exist between the government institutions, this all has fractured. The main reason is this that nation determines its vision that where we have to go. That vision has gone blurred. That is not clear.

He pointed out that no country can go ahead if its  imports exceed its  exports. When we came to power our imports stood at 60 billion dollars and exports at 20 billion dollars. These were reduced from 25 billion dollars.

He underlined that no country can make progress in the world if your dollars are going outside the country in large quantity and they are coming in the country in small  quantity.

He indicated China enhanced export and it kept on making progress. Turkey too has to approach IMF. Tayyip Erdogan changed Turkey. He scaled up exports. Erdogan said we have three priorities. Exports, exports and exports.

He observed Pakistan is heading towards a wrong direction. Any country cannot make progress by selling cotton. No country can make development by selling rubber like Malaysia. How country will go ahead if there is no investment.

He stated Pakistan major asset is overseas Pakistanis. They can provide maximum benefit to the country. We are trying to change the mindset.  We will have to create such environment that Overseas Pakistanis return to the country.

He held becoming Asian tiger should not be a vision for any country. Do you want to become Asian Tiger. Making money is very small vision. Don’t keep your thinking small. Minting money is the narrowest  mindset. We think if money comes then happiness will come. Delight comes when soul becomes delighted. Delight is linked to the paths enjoined by Almighty Allah.

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